Public notice is hereby given that the Council of the Rural Municipality of Laird intends to amend the Inter-Municipal Plan pursuant to The Planning and Development Act, 2007.


The Rural Municipalities of Laird and Rosthern jointly adopted an Inter-Municipal Community Plan (IMP) in 2008 to guide growth and development within the two rural communities.  The primary intention of the IMP was to recognize the similar circumstances within the two communities and promote a consistent approach to managing growth and development.

The proposed administrative amendments to the IMP are not intended to change the policy direction provided within the IMP but rather are intended to create greater process independence between the two neighbouring communities.

The current Inter-Municipal Community Plan includes plan amendment policies which necessitate receipt of mutual consent by both communities prior to proceeding with IMP policy changes or updates.  It is Council’s opinion that the proposed administrative amendments enable the RM of Laird to proceed with IMP updates without relying on the RM of Rosthern to undertake a corresponding update.  The RM Council believes that greater municipal independence will result in a more streamlined and efficient development process moving forward without abandoning their commitment to inter-municipal collaborations.

The RM Council remains committed to supporting continued dialogue between the two communities and exploring practical ways in which the two RM’s may better coordinate public service provision and promote complementary forms of development.

Affected Land

The proposed amendments to the IMP encompass all properties within the corporate limits of the Rural Municipality of Laird No. 404.

Public Inspection

The documents and maps associated with the amendments to the IMP may be viewed at the RM administration office within the Town of Waldheim.  These documents are available for viewing by any person without payment of any fee between the hours of 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, up to and including November 15, 2017.

A digital copy of the above noted documents is also available for public viewing on the RM of Laird website here.

Laird IMP Amending Bylaw 6-2017

Public Hearing

Council will hold a public hearing on November 16, 2017, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at R.M. Council Chambers located at 3025 Central Avenue, Waldheim, SK, to hear any person or group that wants to comment on the proposed amendments.  Council will also consider written comments received at the hearing or delivered to the undersigned at the RM administration office prior to the hearing.

Issued at the Town of Waldheim, this 26th day of October, 2017.

Paulette Wolkowski, RM Administrator