Each year the municipal council sets the mill rates, base and minimum tax amounts during their budget meetings. The property tax notices are sent out at the end of July each year. The maximum discount amount is given to those who pay their taxes by the end of September. Tax amounts are due by the end of the calendar year and any amounts left owing after that date incur a one percent per month interest rate.

During the 2014 budget meetings, Council set the mill rate at 14.2, implemented a minimum tax of $800 on residential properties with improvements, and set a mill rate factor of .67 on the residential improvement property class and 1.1 on the commercial property class. This translates into increases of municipal taxes by 6.8% on agricultural and commercial properties and 2.3% on residential properties. The school division mill rates as set by the province remain unchanged for 2014.

Council will continue to use the tax tool referred to as “Base Tax”. There is a base tax of $100 applied to every agricultural land parcel and $25 applied to every residential land parcel. These rates represent an overall increase of 6.4% in the 2014 budget. The effect on individual properties will vary so if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the municipal office. Council is faced with costs set by other parties that are associated with essential services for its rate payers such as policing, garbage, emergency response, to name a few, as well as, the regular maintenance and repairs to the road system.

If there are changes to the assessment of your land or property, you will receive a new assessment notice sometime in May. Every ratepayer has the opportunity to appeal their assessment if they disagree with the value. The assessment appeal form is on the back of the assessment notice.

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