Bylaws and Policies


The municipal council is responsible for creating bylaws that support peace, order and good government. The bylaws are enforced to maintain safety and protection of people and their property.

The municipality contracts Ian Reiman, the Twin Rivers Regional Peace Officer, to enforce the municipal bylaws. If you have a complaint, please complete the Complaint Form and email to the Administrator. The complaint will be reviewed and if required sent to enforcement.





The municipality has conditions for the salvage of hay from a road in the municipality. As per Bylaw #1-1991, the follow applies:

  1. The adjacent landowner or lessee in the case of rented land, has the first option to salvage hay along municipal roads. Other persons must contact the adjacent landowner or lessee to salvage the hay.
  2. The right-of-way must be left in a neat appearance by the person salvaging the hay.
  3. Bales of hay must be removed from the right-of-way within one week of baling of hay.
  4. The council reserves the privilege and right for its members, employees and/or agents to enter upon said right-of-way for the maintenance and or re-construction of said roadway or for other such purposes as may be deemed necessary, and at no compensation or reimbursement to the party salvaging the hay therefrom.
  5. The municipality assumes no liability for laborers, machinery or bales relating to the salvage of hay operations.
  6. In order to minimize hazards to motorists, any bales not removed within one week may be removed by the municipality and any bales so removed shall become the property of the municipality.
  7. No person shall cut hay on any portion of a public highway located in this municipality during the period from one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise.
  8. No person shall cut hay on any portion of a public highway located in this municipality so as to obstruct the travelled portion of the public highway.