Emergency and Protective Services

Municipal tax dollars contribute to emergency and protective services within the R.M.

Police protection is provided by the RCMP.
9-1-1 Emergency service
First responders
Fire Protection Agreements and Mutual Aid Agreements
Contributions are made to STARS air ambulance.

Emergency situations are handled better when there has been planning involved.
The municipality has an Emergency Measures Plan for potential disastrous situations created by a professional consultant.
The R.M. of Laird recommends that you have the emergency contact number 9-1-1 close to your phone with your land location of your residence.

The R.M. of Laird has approximately 300 miles of road to maintain. In the event that there is a severe weather, please be sure that you always have on hand groceries, water, and medications for approximately one week.

The Get Prepared website is a useful resource in creating an emergency plan for your household and your vehicle.

Please make sure that you make arrangements for any school age children to have a billet within the urban centre of where they are attending school.

PSSD Bus Drivers decide if the road conditions are such that they are able to pick up or drop off your child. There may be occasions during spring flooding or winter storms where they may not be able to do so. Please make sure that you have a plan for these situations.

Fire Department Charges Insurance

Please make sure that you have adequate fire department charges insurance coverage to protect your buildings and/or lands. The municipality has seen fire department invoices as high as $15,000 to protect a home from a prairie fire.

The R.M. of Laird #404 has mutual aid agreements and the charges differ in each municipality. The first on scene fire department may call for mutual aid and you are responsible for these charges.

If you have vacant agricultural land, this is a risk for you as well. Fire department charges for prairie fires that begin on your lands will be charged to you this includes charges from flare ups from the original fire. Contact your insurance broker to discuss this coverage.

If you you do not have a policy to add this coverage to, you may wish to research liability insurance as well.