RM 404 Office

Contact Information

RM of Laird No. 404
Box 160, 3025 Central Avenue
Waldheim, SK S0K 4R0

Monday Friday 8:30a.m.4:00p.m.

Closed between 12:00p.m.1:00p.m. for lunch.

Closed all weekends and Statutory Holidays or as posted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I order gravel for private use for a fee?

No, the R.M. does not supply, haul or sell gravel.

When do I receive my tax notice?

Your tax notice will be mailed at the end of July with the first discount ending at the end of September.

When are my taxes due?

Taxes are due at the end of the calendar year. In office on December 31 prior to 4 p.m. or post marked mail must be dated December 31. Penalties apply after this time at a rate of 1 percent per month.

What methods of payment does the office accept?

You can pay your taxes or other invoices online with Affinity Credit Union by using your owner number as your account number, by email payment, in office with cash, debit, cheque or post dated cheques.

Do I need a burn permit to have a fire on my property?

No, but you do need to call the controlled burn number.

Do I need to apply for a business licence?

No, you do not need a business licence, but you will need to apply for a Development Permit. All commercial activities and home based businesses need to be reported.

Where do I take my garbage or recycling?

See Waste site and Recycling

How many animals am I allowed to have on my property?

The number of animals or animal units is dependent on the zoning district.

Do I need to report before a controlled burn?

If you are planning a controlled burn, you must contact Controlled Burns and report your control burn in order to avoid a passerby calling the fire in and you are invoiced for the fire department charges.