Building Permit Process

Electrical and Gas Permits

Contact Sask Power for electrical and gas permits

​Septic Permits or permission to use existing septic systems are required by the municipality prior to the approval of a development permit. Please contact the Saskatoon Health Region for your permit.​

RM of Laird, Building and Development Forms and Applications

Development Permit Fees

The Development Officer will ascertain the development permit level and the applicable fees will be charged. Charges are based on permitted or discretionary use and whether or not advertising costs or planning consultant costs will need to be recovered.


  • Development Permit I $50.00
  • Development Permit II $100.00
  • Development Permit III $500.00
  • Development Permit IV $5000.00
  • Development Permit Extension Request $100.00
  • Development Permit Renewal Request $50.00
  • Zoning Bylaw – Request to Amend Zoning Bylaw $100.00
  • Inter-Municipal Plan – Request to Amend Inter-Municipal Plan $100.00