Transportation and Roads

The R.M. of Laird #404 has approximately 300 miles of road to maintain. Maintenance of these roads involves grading, mowing, gravel application, culvert installation and road reconstruction.

Challenges over the last couple of years have included experiencing a one in 500 year and one in 100 year flood. Frost boils continue to cause changes to the road surfaces.

The changes in the agricultural industry have created issues for the road infrastructure. The municipal roads were built to accommodate the traffic of the time and the type of vehicles that are being driven. The municipality works with ag producers and commercial industry through road haul agreements and truck permitting processes to try to recover the costs and keep speeds down.

Truck Permits

The municipal office issues the following truck permits for overweight trucks or restricted roads.

Primary Weight Truck Permit Application – 2014

Dust Control

The municipality offers the application of dust control product for a cost recovery fee each spring. If you wish to have this product applied to the municipal road adjacent to your property, please complete the form below. A municipal employee will mark the area that you wish to have the product applied. The cost is based on the number of feet of product.

Dust Control Product Application Form

Regular road maintenance including blading and gravel application will continue to avoid the washboard or small potholes.

Road Concerns

During spring thaw, the R.M. monitors the municipal roads, culverts and ditches and their water flow. The R.M. is not responsible for culverts, water flow and flooding on your private property. If you have emergency areas that need to be looked at, call your Division Councillor to discuss. Make sure to speak with your neighbors to make a plan for your area if it is prone to flooding. Be sure to be respectful of the fact that ​redirecting water and plugging culverts is prohibited. If you have requests for water redirection, these must go to the Water Security Agency.

The ​Water Security Agency may be able to assist with any flooding issues through their Flood Prevention Programs.

Road concerns can be directed to your municipal councilor.

If the road concern is of an urgent nature, please email the road foreman at or call the municipal administration office at 306-945-2133.