Pest Control

The licensed municipal Pest Control Officer is responsible for conducting inspections and managing the infestation of rats in the municipality. Art Thiessen is the Pest Control Officer who makes annual visits to your property. Art will deliver rat poison during these visits. If you have a complaint of a rat infestation, please email the Administrator and the PCO will investigate.​

If you would like to hunt muskrats within the municipality, you will require a Nuisance Wildlife Permit from the Ministry of Environment. Please contact the Compliance & Field Services Department at the address below.​
Compliance and Field Services, Ministry of Environment​
102-112 Research Drive,​
Saskatoon, Canada S7N 3R3
Bus: 306-933-6240​

Beavers continue to cause damage to municipal roads. The beaver bounty within the municipality requires an application form to be completed and submitted for approval and direction as to the location of which hunting is required.​