Plastic Film Removed From List Of Items That Can Be Recycled At Waste Site

From Loraas Recycle (who manages the Recycle Program at the Waste Transfer Sites at Waldheim & Mennon)

Based on changes in the market post consumer plastic film (plastic bags, food wrap, cellophane wrapping, bubble wrap, etc) have been virtually eliminated with the new “National Sword” program instituted by China. China was the only viable recycling market for post-consumer plastic film prior to this program coming into effect.

Post-Consumer plastic film was always a difficult commodity to find a mill for – often it was marketed at a net loss. Due to these factors many programs, such as the City Of Regina, never have accepted plastic film. Although eliminating this product is unfortunate – it is a small portion of the recyclable waste stream totaling roughly 1.8%.

Besides the ban on these “stretchy plastics’ the National Sword program now requires a contamination rate of less than 0.5% by volume of non-mixed paper materials. Our facility was always well below the industry standard for contamination, which was 5%, and we have invested a great amount in resources to help us achieve the new standard.

In order to ensure we can successfully recycle mixed paper we are requesting that all municipalities and customers eliminate the post-consumer plastic film from the recycling program immediately. An education and awareness strategy by both our organizations will greatly assist in reducing the amount of plastic film in the recycling stream. This change also helps protect the viability and affordability of the program in future years.

We appreciate your assistance in notifying your residents and employees as soon as possible to ensure a successful change to the program.

Dale Schmidt
Manager – Loraas Recycle

What can I do with my plastic film if I don’t want to landfill it?

Several retailers (including Coop, Sobeys, Walmart, and London Drugs) accept plastic bags for recycling.